All-New Materials and Technique Classes

Whether you are learning about Ancient Greece, Rembrandt’s use of chiaroscuro or the birth of photography, we will all partake in the Masters’ techniques this year. Woodstock Art Classes now offers an ongoing Materials and Technique Art History Class to go to the next level in Fine Art. What this means is that when we study Ancient Greece, we will make a fresco. When we study the Middle Ages, we will make an illuminated manuscript or family crest. Colonialism brings Realism and Modern Art introduces Impressionism, Dadaism and Folk Art. These just name a few! Learn More.


Photo of Kanzashi flowers made from fabric scraps

Join us for flower-making with fabric scraps.

Kanzashi flowers, an ancient Geisha tradition, is a lovely way to express beauty and style. These little delights can be applied to your attire in so many fun ways, such as on hats, hand-bags or apparel. Learn More.

Art Classes in Woodstock for Kids and Adults

Enjoy all sorts of arts and crafts inexpensively and at your leisure. Our art lessons usually include all of the necessary materials and tools.

Arts & Crafts Class / Parties for Adults or Children

The arts & crafts classes for kids or adults, take place in a two to three hour one-time workshop. Choose from many craft options — there is something for you. See the menu for more information.

Drawing Class for Kids

Ongoing drawing classes for kids are taught in 6-week sessions. See the Kids schedule for details.